Ciel Tombé - Trade Edition

Naoya Hatakeyama (Tokyo, JAPAN)

In Europe, there are cities that quarried stone directly below an urban area construct the city itself.
Among such cities, paris was exceptional for undergoing massive digging.
Due to continuous digging from the Middle Ages to modern times, Paris's underground is full of holes to such an extent as to be comparable to Gruyére cheese. "Ciel Tombé" is a term referring to a situation in whitch the cellings of the subterranean quarry remains have turnbled down(a direct transaction is "fallen sky"). As abanding thease sites would eventually cause hermful effects towards over-ground construction, through consolidation work was conducted by the Inspectorate during the twentith century.
Yet some "Ciel Tombé" were left abandoned in a former quarry called la Braserie lying 17 meters underground of the Bois de Vincennes, on the eastern end of Paris, the over-ground has only forest land and no buildings. No one knows exactly when sky fell down.
Ciel Tombé by Naoya Hatakeyama
17 x 30.2 cm
48 pages
30 images
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THE ASTROLOGER by Sylvie Germain
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72 pages
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