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w20.3 x h27.9 cm
176 pages
Hard cover with slipcase
Full color Offset
Limited edition of 200

Comes in a slipcase, signed and numbered certificate, 2 signed original prints, 1 post card and 1 sticker

Published in 2020
ISBN 978-4-908512-98-8
※sold exclusively at SUPER LABO online store and SUPER LABO STORE TOKYO.

Insert/ Japanease text
Soft cover 12 pages



Ninety-six Dereams, Two Thousand Memories / ++ edition

Greg Hunt (Los Angeles, USA)

Documented over a seventeen-year period by filmmaker/photographer Greg Hunt, Ninety-Six Dreams, Two Thousand Memories is a in-depth visual study of iconic skateboarder Jason Dill. Beginning at the height of Dill’s pro career, the book follows his world travels, his life at home, and the period of rebuilding after his nearly dying from drug & alcohol abuse. “Jason and I met as teenagers and sponsored skaters in the 1990’s but eventually took different paths,” says Hunt, “so when reconnecting years later I had this immediate fascination with who he’d become. That’s when I started photographing him.” The book weaves photos with motion picture stills and ephemera, as well as additional pictures and drawings by Dill himself. It is the first full-length published work by Hunt.
*This is a remake of the book that was released in 2018 by Paradigm.The dimensions of the book, cover design and contents has been changed by Greg Hunt himself for SUPER LABO.

The book comes with custom-made slipcase which contains 2 photographs(signed by the artist on verso),1 post card and 1 sticker.Also a signed and numbered certificate is attached to the book. Only 200 copies are available.