Photosynthesis with Min Tanaka

Keiichi Tahara (Tokyo, Japan)

It was in the spring of 2016 that I was shown this series of photos by Keiichi Tahara. I was totally mesmerized by the beauty and power of the monochrome images which vividly captured Min Tanaka dancing in response to different kinds of light and atmospheres at a variety of places. What further intrigued me was fact that the time period of these images, 1978 to 1980, exactly overlapped the opening of the Hara Museum in 1979. Memories of Min Tanaka dancing at the museum during the ‘80s also came back to me. So when I learned that the series had yet to be exhibited even once in Japan, I thought, “why not show it at the Hara Museum?” Thus was born the idea for this exhibition.

Thereafter, Tahara made frequent visits to the museum to get a direct feeling for the space as he decided on the structure of the show. He also showed me new work from photo sessions he and Tanaka had restarted after a hiatus of 30-some years. Then, about three months before the opening of the show, just as it seemed a fine show was in the making, the sad news came of Tahara’s sudden passing. I was shocked. Thanks, however, to the hard work and cooperation of all parties concerned, we were able to realize the exhibition, as well as the publication of this catalogue. Moreover, to mark the culmination of his remarkable project with Tahara, Min Tanaka made plans to dance at the museum for the first time in a long time. It is my belief that this exhibition, the last that Tahara was involved in, was completed as he envisioned it. My only regret is that Keiichi Tahara is not here to view it himself.

Toshio Hara Director, Hara Museum of Contemporary Art

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w22 x h24 cm
64 Pages
46 Images(b/w)
Softcover (hand-seawn)
Doubletone Offset
First edition(choice between 4 different front cover)
Published in 2017
ISBN 978-4-908512-07-0